Point Blank GM Tips 1

Operators, listen up!

It has been a couple months now since you guys started pwning each other inside the various challenging POINT BLANK maps. We have been playing with you in secret, observing and noting your playing trends and behavior.

Below are a couple of tips that we would like to dish out to you, hoping that you can use them in your POINT BLANK gameplay.

Start your POINT BLANK fix by playing many AI matches. The opponents in AI matches get better as you progress, thus becoming harder to kill in the long run. Being exposed to this kind of opposition allows you to hone your skills.

Study each map. Do you still remember the old saying “Knowing is winning half of the battle”? A good grasp on the map layout gives you the advantage, especially in team matches. Know where the good spots are wherein you can hole up and pin enemies.

Use the grenade intelligently. Do not just throw your grenade into an open space hoping that you would frag someone. Keep your grenade on hand and employ it fittingly. Say you are in a Demolition mode, throw the grenade into the bomb area if you happen to be near the room and hear that someone is diffusing or planting a bomb. The grenade will either kill the enemy or rattle him to the point that he loses valuable time setting up the bomb.

Bring out the knife to move faster. This is especially useful during the start of each game when positioning is important.

The smoke grenade has a use. Throw a smoke grenade towards the line of sight of enemy snipers to obscure their vision. Afterwards, you can outflank them or charge through the smoke to pwn them.