Report Cheaters and Hackers!

Dear Point Blank Players,

Point Blank has become the hottest online FPS game today.  Because of its popularity, unscrupulous people have created third party programs (TPP) to cheat and hack characters.

You may have seen them in-game —  those with very high Kill/Death Ratios or making multiple headshots even with a melee weapon.

Be assured that  we are working hard to get rid of these cheaters. We are working  closely with the Point Blank Developer, Zepetto and  the premier anti-hacking program,  Hackshield to help stamp these cheats out.

Very soon, we will integrate a feature that will allow players to kick these cheaters out of the room.

We would like to ask for your help as well. Report Cheaters and hackers.

Take a screenshot of  them in-game while making  multiple headshots, or have high KDRs or kills with very little Deaths.   To take a screenshot, just  press F8.  The screenshot will be saved in My Documents in the Point Blank  folder.

Visit the Point Blank Forums and post your screenshots at  the Detention Cell.

Go to this link or click here

We will immediately investigate these players and once we find them guilty, we will permanently ban them from playing Point Blank.

Thank you again for being vigilant. Let’s continue to  play fair! Let’s make Point Blank cheater and hacker-free!