Join the PB Bakbakan sa Dinagyang tournament

Makinig mga Ilonggo Operators!

In line with the celebration ng masayang Dinagyang Festival, magkakaroon ng PB Bakbakan sa Dinagyang tournament at ito’y gagawin bukas, Saturday, January 21!

Mangyayari ang event sa 3D Lounge Internet Café na matatagpuan sa Delgado St., Iloilo City. Tournament registration starts at 1PM.

Awesome in-game items await the tournament winners in addition to the cool raffle prizes! Exclusive e-Games merchandise will also be available!

Scroll down para makita ang mechanics ng tournament:

Point Blank Bakbakan sa Dinagyang

Game Type: Bomb Mission
Map: Captain’s Mode Map Selection
Team: Toss coin to pick the team (Red/Blue)
Game Time: 3 minutes

Max Game Rounds Format

  • Eliminations: Max Win 5 rounds
    • 3 rounds Red Team and 3 rounds as Blue Team
    • First team who scores 5 wins will be declared the winner.
  • Semis: Max Win 7 rounds
    • 5 rounds Red Team and 5 rounds as Blue Team
    • First team who scores 7 wins will be declared the winner.
  • Finals: Max Win 9 rounds
    • 7 rounds Red Team and 7 rounds as Blue Team
    • First team who scores 9 wins will be declared the winner.


  • In case of tie there will be additional 6 rounds (3 rounds Red/3 rounds Blue)
  • First to win 5 rounds will be the winner.
  • Condition for Win: Official
  • Weapon Restriction: None
  • Captain’s mode map selection
  • The Head Marshal will choose the first map to be removed from the list.
  • A coin will be tossed to decide on whose team will choose the next map to be removed.
  • The third (3rd) map to be removed will then be chosen by the other team. This cycle will continue until only one map is left. Team color will also be decided by tossing a coin.
  • Intentional disconnections Any competitor who intentionally disconnected themselves from the game will be disqualified. If 1-2 players get disconnected, the match will continue and the disconnected players can rejoin the game. If three (3) or more players get disconnected, the match will be stopped. The Head Marshal will take note of the current score. The match will be restarted but the scores will be set back to the scores before the disconnection.


Match stopped due to connectivity issue.
Red Team = 3
Blue Team = 2

    • Match will be restarted with the same settings, but scores will be set to previous scores by killing themselves. Once scores have been returned to original settings, the match will resume on the next round. Participants must immediately raise their hands to report that he/ she is experiencing technical difficulties.


  • Warnings will be handed to erring players while game is on hand. Up to four warnings will be given to each participating teams, wherein disqualification will be given automatically on the final (fourth) warning. Trash-talking will result to a warning for the whole team. All names (clan name, in-game name, etc.) must not be rude, derogatory, racist or inflammatory. Game loss given to a team means that the team will automatically lose the game irrelevant of the actual match results.Disqualified teams will automatically be ejected from the tournament proper.


  • 30-day weapon of choice not including premium weapons such as Kriss, AUG, AKSOPMOD, L115A1 or weapon supply kits
  • 7 days of 1 mask of choice from the following (Flame Mask, Iron Mask, Red Cross Mask, Target Mask, Two Tone Mask)

So join the fun that the Dinagyang Festival has in store! Bakbakan na!