Point Blank National Bakbakan 2 – Davao

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What: Point Blank National Bakbakan 2 – Davao

When: July 21, 2012

Where: Westbay
Dr. 4 Pelayo Bldg., Juan Luna St., Davao City

Narito ang mechanics para sa ating Point Blank Regional Bakbakan:


  • Registration is open to all Point Blank Philippines players.
  • First 16 teams to register will participate in the tournament. First come first served basis
  • Only the team captain is allowed to register their participating team.
  • Upon registration, the team captain and his/her members must present an ID as proof of residency.
  • All information provided during registration must be true and accurate
  • Pay Event Registration Fee: 1 pc. 100 LU Load per member (available at the café).


  • Form a team of 5 members. Your team may join as many regional tournaments as you can, provided that you have not won in any of the previous legs. If in case you win in 1 regional leg, you are no longer eligible to join the succeeding ones. Instead, you will move on to the next round of the competition.
  • Each area leg will have 8 slots open for competing teams. Each slot is equivalent to 1 team.
  • When the 16 area representatives are determined, they will then battle it out in an online tournament, where the top two teams will face each other at the National Bakbakan Championship at Level Up! Live 2012.


Tournament Rules:

  • Teams must designate a Team Captain who will handle all decisions for the team. Field marshals will consider decisions

made by the team captain as final for the entire team.

  • Pilots are not allowed
  • Each team shall consist of 5 members.
  • Teams must be present and complete by the time their match schedule starts.
  • Setup period is STRICTLY 5 minutes ONLY.
    • Players may change the keyboard configuration, weapon handedness, and mouse sensitivity.
    • Players may select their primary weapons and backpack alternate weapons.
    • Players may purchase any weapon that isn’t already owned by the character and use that as their primary and/or alternate weapon.
    • Players may not change their class nor delete/create characters.
    • Players may bring their own keyboard, mouse, and/or headset for the tournament.
    • The café management per location has the right to refuse participants from changing the PC settings, or not allow participants to use a contestant’s hardware. In that case, participants will have to make do with only the settings that can be changed.
  • Players who fail to take advantage of the 5 minute setup time must begin playing with whatever configuration and character setup they are left with. No time extension for the setup will be given.
  • If teams are incomplete by the end of the setup period the team with the most members will automatically win.
  • A toss coin will settle which team will be on which side for the first set (red or blue). This will be the only time a toss coin will be used to determine sides. Winner of the toss coin will also choose what map to use for that match.
  • If a player gets disconnected, the game will still continue, and the disconnected player must log back in again as soon as possible. If an entire team gets disconnected, the opposing team will automatically win.
  • If both teams get disconnected, the following rules will apply:
    • If the disconnection occurred within the first 5 minutes of the game, the entire match will be restarted.
    • If the disconnection occurred after the first 5 minutes of the game, the team who has the most points before the disconnection will be considered the winner of that set.
  • Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the Field Marshal(s). Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the Field Marshal.


  • Time of Registration: 10:00am to 12:00nn
  • Time of Tournament: 1:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Game Type: Bomb Mission
  • Map: Captain’s Mode Map Selection
  • Team: Toss coin to pick the team (Red/Blue)
  • Game time: 3 minutes

Eliminations: Max Win 5 rounds

  • 3 rounds Red Team and 3 rounds as Blue Team
  • First team who scores 5 wins will be declared the winner.

Semis: Max Win 7 rounds

  • 5 rounds Red Team and 5 rounds as Blue Team
  • First team who scores 7 wins will be declared the winner.

Finals: Max Win 9 rounds

  • 7 rounds Red Team and 7 rounds as Blue Team
  • First team who scores 9 wins will be declared the winner.


  • In case of tie there will be additional 6 rounds (3 rounds Red/ 3 Rounds Blue)
  • First to win 5 rounds will be the winner.

Condition for Winning: Official

Weapon Restriction: None

  • Head Marshall will choose the first map to be removed from the list.
  • A coin will be tossed to decide on whose team will choose the next map to be removed.
  • The 3rd map to be removed will then be chosen by the other team. This cycle will continue until only one map is left.
  • Team Color will also be decided by tossing a coin.

Maps (Downtown, Luxville, Outpost, Midtown, Stormtube, Blowcity, Sentrybase, Hospital, Sandstorm)


Regional Side Events and Prizes



  • For every P50 worth of Top-Up cards purchase, each player will be given 1 raffle stub.
  • If a player converts the P50 Top-Up card to 1,000 cash points, the player will be given 1 raffle stub for free.

1st prize:

7 days

Gold Kriss

Gold Mask

Gold Colt Python

Dual Bone Knife


7 days

Gold Aug

Gold Mask

Gold Colt Python

Dual Bone Knife


2nd prize:

7 days

M4 SR-16 LV3

Dual Handgun D

Mini Axe

Level-up merchandise


3rd prize:

7 Days


Level-up games merchandise


Ano pa hinihintay niyo?! Yayain na ang kapwa operators ng masaksihan ang umaatikabong bakbakan na dito lang magaganap sa Point Blank!!


You may contact [GM]Finn regarding any matter concerning the tournament via e-mail at

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5236 Series of 2012.