Clan of the Month

Clan Leader: JustCallMeOtep

  1. CHIPZ
  2. kAisErmAt
  3. bownee
  • When was your clan formed?
    • BattleType was formed during the opening of Point Blank PH.
  • What is the history behind the clan name?
    • Because it is already a group name before Point Blank Philippines started.
  • Who is the Clan Leader?
    • The Clan Leader is JustCallMeOtep.
  • What is each member’s role during matches?
    • All Assault. Depends on the situation on who will be the grenade thrower, smoker, support.
  • Can you give us a tactic that you use during Clan Wars?
    • Play hard, Play smart, and Have fun. (Pero syempre may TEAMWORK din. Hindi pwedeng mawala yun.)
  • What are the things that a Point Blank Clan needs in order to become the best?
    • Skills, Teamwork, Presence of mind. Don’t just trust your aiming skills. Try being wiser than them (opponents).
  • Give a shout out to all of your friends!
    • We would like to thank the Point Blank PH Staffs for a job well done on the Clan of the Month event. Special thanks to Darryn Bayona for substituting the absence of our other member. Sa mga clan members naming sumuporta. Binabati ko rin po ang team CXG.Allstars lalo na kila Ghee, Sato, at Nix. Alvin Rillera (Admin of FPSCybersports, RaidCall) pati narin po si Charyd Oviedo ng Utopian Eon Internet Café. Sa mga nag-sasabing waller kame, eto *tissue* o kaya pumunta kayo sa mga on-ground tournaments at dun niyo kame sabihan na waller.