Regional Bakbakan Schedule

Regional Bakbakan sched for Oct 15

Operators take heed! The next Point Blank Regional Bakbakan Challenge will happen this weekend, Saturday, October 15, at select internet caf├ęs across the country!

The winning PB Regional Bakbakan teams will get awesome in-game items and exclusive Point Blank merchandise, plus they will qualify to compete for the Monthly Finals wherein a cash prize is at stake. The winning Operators will also have a shot at challenging the Fairview Gaming Wolves and taking home a special bounty!

To Qualify:

  1. Register your team with the e-Games/Point Blank Representative
  2. Each Team will be composed of 5 members.
  3. All Team members must be present during the registration.
  4. Personal Accounts will be used for the tournament.


1. Only the first sixteen (16) will be accomodated.
2. Tournament Elimination: BOMB Mission (Single Elimination)
3. Both Team captains will toss a coin. Winning Team will get a chance to pick: Team (Blue or Red)
4. Game Marshall will ban one map and the team captains will ban a particular map until 1 map is left
5. Game Mode

a) Bomb Mission

i. Game Map: Midtown, Dowtown, Stormtube, Sentry Base, Luxville, Outpost, Blowpost
ii. First team to reach five (5) wins will determine the winning team
ii. Game Time: Three (3) minutes
iv. Rounds:

  • 1st round eliminations – 5-round match with a 3-minute time
  • 2nd round semis – 5-round match with 3-minute time
  • 3rd round Finals – 7-round match with 3-minute time

v. Weapon Restriction: None

6. Game Continues even when player(s) get disconnected.
7. Five (5) minutes defaulting time
8. Ten (10) minutes alloted time for a player to set up his/her account or gaming setup
9. Game automatically starts when the 10 minute grace period expires.
10. Winning team has a chance to earn a spot in the next PB Tournament.
11. Tournament marshall/facilitator’s decision is final

Note: Mechanics and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.