Title System

There are initially four titles which must be activated before you can choose the certain build you wish your character to be.

Title Effects Requirements
Positive Negative Miniature Ensign Decoration Master Medal RANK
General Member Jump Height Elevated Lvl 1 None 1 0 0 0 Private 2nd class
Senior member Agility Level 1 None 2 0 0 0 Private 1st class
Special member I Jump Height Elevated Lvl 1, Fall Tolerance enhanced Lvl 1 None 3 0 0 0 Corporal
Special member II Agility Lvl 2, Fall Tolerance enhanced Lvl 1 None 4 0 0 0 Sergeant


Upon activation of all four basic titles you may now select which build path you wish to follow for your character. The following builds may be selected:


Assault Unit – Specializes in the assault rifle and melee weapons

Assault Rifles Melee Weapons
AK-47 Ext
F2000 Ext
SG 550 Ext
M4A1 Ext
Aug A3
Mini Axe
Combat Machete
Dual Knife

Sniper Member – Skills for use with sniper rifles and secondary weapons

Sniper Guns Secondary Weapons
Dual Handgun
Dual D-Eagle
Mk 23 Ext
Desert Eagle

Assailant Unit – Sub-machine guns/shotguns and thrown weapons specialization

Submachine Guns Shotguns Thrown Weapons
MP5K Ext
UMP45 Ext
Kriss S.V.D
P90 Ext
WIN M1897
K-413 Dual Grenade
C-5 D

Upon selection of the particular build you like, you may now attain certain skills or licenses to buy title required weapons at the item shop. Please refer to the skill tree at the game’s Title System menu for further information.