QWill there be a character wipe during OBT?

There will be no character wipe during OBT.  Once you start playing in the OBT phase, your usernames, ranks and level will remain even after the commercial release.

QDo I have to load e-Points to acquire items for the game?

Premium weapons and items require ePoints to use. There will be an item shop available during OBT and the Commercial Release.

QDo I have to register for an e-Games account to play Point Blank?

You must have an e-Games account to play Point Blank. To register for an account, click on this link and follow the easy instructions.
If you have an existing e-Games account, kindly register your username at the Point Blank Registration page.

QWhy does it say "Access Restricted: Region Blocked"?

Due to our licensing agreement, regions which already have a local release of Project Blackout will be blocked from accessing our release of Project Blackout.  The following regions will be unable to access our version:   Brazil South America (while Brazil is part of South America, the South American region has a separate publisher) Thailand Indonesia Russia Turkey Korea China